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Curation…Or The Things You Don’t Say

There are two ends of the social media publishing spectrum. At one end, you’ve got a carefully curated content gallery generated thoughtfully and strategically. At the other, you’ll see anything and everything, published for not much purpose other than an ability to do so. Most brands fall somewhere in the middle, but in many ways you either get it or you don’t. Which kind of account would you rather follow? Which kind of account would you rather have represent your brand?

The “curation” aspect of social content is underrated, but that’s what’s valuable. Not only carefully selecting third-party and user-generated content, but also trimming the fat from your own content ideas. The things you DON’T publish say just as much about you as the things you do.

For your brand to be something, it inherently must not be something else.

So, the absolute first step in any social strategy has to be answering the question, “who are we?” The answer to this question will guide your strategy and inform your decision making on every step after. The more precisely you answer the question, the more focused and effective your content will be. Without this answer, you’re wasting everyone’s time.

The next step is even more difficult. The answer to the “who are we” question…you have to live that now. You have to resist the temptation and the external pressure to post content that doesn’t fit.

You can’t be everything to everyone, especially on social.

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