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Don’t Forget To Play Your Hits

Fans go to a show to hear the hits. How would you feel if Led Zeppelin didn’t play “Stairway to Heaven?” Do you think Justin Bieber leaves “Baby” off the set list very often? These artists most certainly get tired of playing these songs, but the fans demand them, and they’re well compensated for the work, so let’s not feel too badly for them. Even after hundreds or thousands of concerts, the first chords of these songs still receive a boisterous reception.

If you’re a social media manager for a major brand, there are certain concepts and phrases you’re going to get really tired of. How sick do you think @Nike is of typing “Just Do It?” I’m sure @Volkswagen has worn out the letters VW on its keyboard. It would be natural and totally understandable for their social strategy to drift away from these themes over time. But guess what? It’s those themes that attracted followers in the first place. It’s the big ideas that make your brand what it is that attracted your social community. So give your followers what they want!

My guess is it would be nearly impossible for Alabama to tweet #RollTide too much. I know from experience that I couldn’t type #RockChalk often enough to satisfy the fans of Kansas Basketball. To prove the point, when I ran @KUHoops for The University of Kansas, I tweeted a phrase that defined the program before every game. “The Glory, The Power, The History, The Legends, The Titles, The Tradition #kubball” Even after three seasons of tweeting the same phrase 90+ times, engagement never diminished. Take a look for yourself:

When you think you’re done reinforcing your brand elements, you’re just getting started.

So next time you’re crafting your social strategy, or you’re filling out your monthly content calendar, don’t forget to play your hits. Your fans will thank you for it.

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