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In the summer of 2013, I set about a mission to re-engage the Kansas Jayhawk fanbase online, get back to the basics of the brand, and lay a foundation for what would be the most successful digital year in the history of the athletic department.

First, I wanted to remind people what was so special and unique about our brand, specifically, the Jayhawk itself. It would have been easy to develop content from the official accounts around this idea, but I thought it would be more impactful if we could prompt the fan base to SHOW each other. Thus, the#myjayhawk campaign was born.

Using the hashtag and myjayhawk.com we encouraged fans to share the Jayhawk that they called, #myjayhawk, either using the hashtag on social media or directly at myjayhawk.com. This encouraged organic conversation around the Jayhawk theme all summer long, and provided us with a wealth of user-generated content for the official accounts to amplify and redistribute. More importantly perhaps, we grew roots in the minds of our followers by solidifying the central tenants of our brand, an investment that would see dividends for years to come.

Campaign Copy:

As Kansas fans, we love the mythical bird with the fascinating history known as the Jayhawk. The Jayhawk is a symbol of where we come from and what we stand for. We wear it on our t-shirts, paint it on our faces, and share photos of it online.
So, what’s “your” Jayhawk? Your favorite representation of our esteemed bird? It might be a hoodie with centennial Jay, a photo of you with Baby Jay, a sculpture you see on campus, or a painting you made as a kid. Whatever it is, we want to see it!
Snap a photo of your Jayhawk and submit it at http://myjayhawk.com

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